Our Story

A fresh start

Formerly known as LADS (Learning and Attentional Disorders Society of WA), ADHD WA was officially opened in September 1993 following a year-long, government-sponsored research program. This program demonstrated that services for those diagnosed with ADHD were inadequate, poorly coordinated, and unable to cope with public demands. It also highlighted the insufficient levels of support and information available for people with ADHD.

ADHD WA was founded to change this and start providing highly-professional resources, programs, counselling, events, and more, to effectively support people affected by ADHD. We place an emphasis on promoting research-based materials to provide the most informed support available.

A thank you to our founders

The Hon Keith Wilson, who was Health Minister at the time, was our inaugural president, and Dr Christopher Green was our first patron. The tireless voluntary work of our founder, Wendy Mander, formed the backbone of ADHD WA until 1999, supported by the Office coordinator, Professional Advisory Board, Management Committee and office volunteers.

We acknowledge our founders and thank them for their efforts in creating this incredible, people-focused organisation.

Our mission

The ADHD WA mission is to provide support, advocacy and expert information to members, adults, families and people affected by ADHD, to advocate on their behalf and to work collaboratively with others to ensure availability of services.

ADHD WA is focused raising ADHD awareness and informing people of what ADHD really is and how it can impact the lives of those affected by it. The team strongly believes that the more people will receive proven, evidenced-based information, the easier it will be to reduce the stigma surrounding ADHD and increase the life quality of ADHD community.

Our vision

Our vision is for a fully neuroinclusive Western Australia. Challenges of people with ADHD will be recognised, acknowledged and supported. Multimodal management interventions and treatment will be available and affordable to both children and adults affected by ADHD.

Our values


We provide a non-judgmental environment where the challenges experienced by people impacted by ADHD are understood, validated and supported.

Integrity and truthfulness

Integrity is at the core of what we do. We provide truthful, accurate, expert information, and strive to promote and informed understanding of ADHD In the community.

Ethical service provision

We support ethical, professional, evidence-informed practice for management of ADHD in people of all ages. We recognise the effects of ADHD and attentional and behavioural differences across the lifespan.

Fairness and respect

We support the rights of people impacted by ADHD to be treated with fairness and respect and to have access to affordable services that meet their needs. We strive to eradicate the stigma associated with ADHD.


We believe that collaboration and partnerships with government and non-government agencies, groups and industry networks will result in better outcomes for individuals and families affected by ADHD.


We work to continuously import the professionalism of our services. We welcome opportunities to improve and develop management, staff and volunteer skills and are committed to accountability, transparency and the best use of organisational resources.

How do we help the ADHD community?

We provide a voice

We provide a voice for people who are affected by ADHD and associated conditions. In doing so, the concerns and views of these people are accurately presented to and by the media, clinicians, service providers, politicians, policy makers, and services. We encourage and promote views and positions supported by evidence, as well as the experience of those living with ADHD.

We increase understanding

A greater understanding of ADHD will not only benefit people affected by it, but the wider community as well. We believe in the power of researched knowledge, diverse views, and studied approaches to ADHD — its causes, effects, and treatment. By providing evidenced-based information, we hope to spread positive awareness of ADHD and form more educated public understanding of it in WA.

We support passionately

ADHD WA believes that anyone affected by ADHD has the right to appropriate resources and professional services. We actively work towards making services accessible and affordable to those who need them, so we can all learn, strive, and thrive, together. We encourage and support evidence-based professional practice and approaches to ADHD that respect each client and family’s rights and needs.