Attendee Registration 2023 AGM

It is mandatory to register your attendance to attend the ADHD WA 2023 AGM via the following form.

Full AGM Details

ADHD WA AGM Attendance Registration
If you are unsure, you can log into your ADHD WA Members Login Portal and check your membership status.
If you do not have a current/active membership with ADHD WA, please type n/a

As The Niche and ADHD WA are classified as a Health Care Setting, masks are mandatory at all times and those deemed a close contact must avoid Health Care Settings.

I confirm I will wear a mask at all times, or provide a valid medical exemption
I confirm I will not attend in person if I am deemed a close contact and I understand I can vote by proxy
I confirm I will not attend if I am unwell or displaying cold or flu symptoms of any sort, even if I do not have COVID