On behalf of the Board of Management, it gives me great pleasure to welcome Antonella Segre to the position of Chief Executive Officer at ADHD WA. Antonella brings with her a wealth of experience, with 20 years in the Not-For-Profit sector, and has a special interest in business development with small organisations like ours. Antonella is highly regard in this sector, and we are delighted that she has chosen to work with us.

ADHD WA has existed (and thrived) with no government funding since 1993, thanks to a very hard-working Board of Management and we recognise that there is more work to do. With Antonella at the helm, we are looking forward to taking on a more strategic role in the future and are excited to move ADHD WA to another level of support, education and advocacy for the ADHD Community in Western Australia.

Over the coming weeks our members will be receiving emails from Antonella, and we will be introducing her on our social media sites as well. Please make her welcome.

Dr Michele Toner, OAM

Chair, ADHD WA Board of Management

Image: Antonella Segre, CEO ADHD WA