Dear Members and Friends,

As you know, we tried unsuccessfully in 2021 to arrange a meeting with the WA Health Minister, to discuss the desperate shortage of doctors qualified to diagnose and treat ADHD. We then started an advocacy campaign in December which was paused as a new Health Minister was appointed. In January we wrote to the Hon Amber-Jade Sanderson requesting a meeting to discuss the issue. To date, the only reply received was an auto-response email from the Minister’s Office informing us that COVID was being prioritised.

Unfortunately, the desperate shortage of qualified specialists has continued, and worsened. We have repeated our request for a meeting with the Health Minister, and we know that if we all speak out, we increase the chance of our voices being heard.

Here’s what you can do to help:

1. Write a letter to:

a. The Hon Amber-Jade Sanderson, Minister for Health and Mental Health:

b. Make an appointment to see your local member of parliament, and/or write them a letter (find your MP).

2. Include the following information in your letters/conversation:

a. Information about your family’s struggles to see a doctor for ADHD. Include details about the length of waiting times, the number of doctors you have tried, and the stress this is causing for your child/yourself and your family.

b. Facts about untreated ADHD. Associated risks include:

i. Higher rates of academic failure
ii. Self-esteem problems
iii. Relationship and Social difficulties
iv. Injuries, accidents and suicide
v. Substance abuse and interactions with the justice system

Please email our office a copy of your letters. (


We will continue to advocate on your behalf and will now also attempt to highlight this matter in the media.

Dr Michele Toner, OAM, on behalf of the Board of Management and the Professional Advisory Body.