This month we are pleased to announce guest speaker Sarah Andrews, ADHD Coach and Consultant on Collaborating with my child’s school.

Often parents, children and their teachers are challenged to overcome ADHD related barriers in education.

This session will help parents understand protocols to overcome commonly encountered barriers to equitable access and participation, including:

  • Foundations of accessibility: Diversity and inclusion
  • Positive partnerships: Awareness of the consultation process
  • Methods, approaches and strategies: Awareness of evidence based practices to overcome common ADHD challenges (Such as Assistive Technology, inclusive practice, cultivating interest, harnessing strengths, executive functioning strategies)
  • Developing self-agency: building pathways to success


About Sarah

Sarah Andrews

Sarah Andrews has recently started practicing as an ADHD Coach. Sarah’s previous professional experience began in the UK as a primary school teacher, where Sarah had particular focus on working with children with behavioural and/or emotional challenges. Sarah’s reference states in her classroom ‘behaviour problems seem to disappear’. Sarah became a teacher to reach the…

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