Counselling and Coaching

- Coaching with accredited ADHD Parent Coach Susan Hughes is available for face to face or video sessions every Monday between 9.30am – 2.30pm. Coaching is accessible only for the current ADHD WA members for $75.00 per session. 

- Counselling with Provisional Psychologist Elena Trethowan. Book your appointment for Tuesday-Wednesday, between 8.45am - 3.00pm.  Counselling is accessible only for the current ADHD WA members for $60.00 per session. 

- Coaching with ADHD Adult and Parent Coaches Karen Breeze and Linda Hearder is available for face to face sessions every Friday between 9.30am – 2.30pm. Coaching is accessible only for the current ADHD WA members for $60.00 per session. 

The Counselling and Coaching sessions are taking place at ADHD WA office at the Niche, 11 Aberdare rd, Nedlands WA 6009.

Remote services

Do you live in a remote area? You do not have a way to arrive at ADHD WA office? ADHD WA team suggest Skype coaching sessions! Contact the office for more

You can join ADHD WA here and if you are looking forward to making a booking, contact the office Monday-Friday between 9:30 AM and 12:30 PM on 08 6457 7544


Meet the specialists:

ADHD Parent Coach - Susan Hughes, Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Master of Education (M.Ed.)

Susan Hughes is an ADHD parenting coach who works with parents of children with ADHD to support the acquisition of evidence based parenting skills and strategies. 

Susan completing a Masters in Education in 2017 by thesis.  The thesis examined the effect parenting coaching had on parents of children with ADHD.  The results showed that parent coaching may produce positive outcomes, including reduced parental stress, increased parental confidence and parent mindfulness. 

Susan qualified as a personal and business coach in Ireland in 2007 and is training in the “Parent as Coach” way since 2011.  She became an International Federation Coach (ICF) associate certified coach in 2018 which demonstrates the professionalism of coaching.  ICF Credential-holders are part of a self-regulating group of elite coaches who provide accountability to clients and the coaching profession as a whole. They pursue and complete rigorous education and practice requirements that provide unquestioned legitimacy to their commitment to excellence in coaching.  

Susan also is a provider of ADHD parent workshops. 

More information about ADHD Parent Coaching

Counsellor - Elena Trethowan (Provisional Psychologist)

Elena was born and raised in Perth. She has an academic background in creative arts, medical science and psychology and a professional background in laboratory medicine, family support and counselling. Elena has been an active volunteer with ADHD WA for the past four years, manning the helpline, providing ADHD advocacy and facilitating parenting workshops for parents of children with ADHD. Elena is herself parent to a child with ADHD and is passionate about improving education around ADHD and services for people with ADHD and their families in WA. 

More information about ADHD Provisional Psychologist 

ADHD Adult and Parent Coach - Linda Hearder (1st and 3rd Friday of the month)

Linda Hearder is an ADHD Consultant and Coach, who coaches adults with ADHD and parents of children with ADHD.  Linda has a professional background and brings many years of lived experience raising two children with ADHD while juggling the challenges of a demanding career.  Linda has been a small business owner, has worked in government and is currently in the Education sector as well as being an ADHD coach.

Linda is passionate about brainstorming, strategizing, and implementing creative solutions to difficult problems. She works with her clients to define what they want for their life and find their own unique ways to get it.  By challenging the ADHD stigmas, she promotes a culture of owning your ADHD and using your strengths as powerful life and career assets.

Linda has recently completed specialist ADHD coaching studies with the ADD Coaching Academy and is working towards achieving accreditation with the International Coaching Federation.  Linda also volunteers on the Board of ADHD WA.

ADHD Adult and Parent Coach - Karen Breeze (2nd and 4th Friday of the month)

Karen Breeze is an ADHD Consultant and Coach, who coaches adults with ADHD and parents of children with ADHD.  She has a special interest in coaching women and mothers to help them achieve a life of balance.  Karen believes that coaching is an essential part of the puzzle for multimodal treatment of ADHD, and works alongside her clients using a positive psychology approach to help them to recognise their strengths discover their passions and implement strategies to not just manage ADHD , but thrive, be fulfilled and achieve their goals at the same time as identifying roadblocks and negative self-talk and overcoming them for positive long term change. 

Karen completed basic study in psychology after leaving school before moving into a role in finance and banking.  She is a mother of a teenager with ADHD and so has many years lived experience of parenting a child with ADHD.   After her own ADHD diagnosis, she found herself drawn to helping people dealing with ADHD to understand the complexities and nuances of their individual brain wiring and went on to complete her specialist ADHD coaching studies with the ADD Coach Academy.  Karen is now working towards her Associate Certified Coach credential with the International Coach Federation (ICF) and her Professional Certified ADHD Coach (PCAC) accreditation with the Professional Association of ADHD Coaches (PAAC) she also volunteers on the ADHD WA telephone information line.  Karen also has an interest in health and nutrition and is studying for an Advanced Certification in Human Nutrition.

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