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Premia Consulting Psychology

Zyron Krupenia, Clinical Psychologist I am a registered clinical psychologist and have been treating children..

Michele Toner, ADHD Consultant & Coach

Michele coaches adults, university students, high school students and parents to achieve their goals. Her..

Dr Roger Paterson, Psychiatrist

I provide assessment and treatment of ADHD in teenagers and adults, starting at about 16..

Dr Dawson Cooke, Clinical Psychologist

I provide psychotherapy for adolescents and adults. I am deeply committed to my role in..

Dr Jaroslaw Hryniewicki, Psychatrist

Consultant Psychiatrist | MBBS, FRANZCP, Certif. Child Psychiatrist Dr Jarek Hryniewicki has had dedicated training..

Dr Anthony (Tony) Mander

Treatment of adults, aged 17 and above with ADHD

Suite 62, Hollywood Medical Centre, 85 Monash Avenue

Dr Raj Tanna, Psychiatrist

I provide assessment and treatment for adults with ADHD, from age 17 yrs and above…

Dr Sanjay Khanna, Consultant Psychiatrist

I have been managing ADHD for the last 7 years and I am also regularly..

1/22 Southport Street

Jamiela Sungkar

I am a registered Psychologist and provide ADHD treatment to adults, adolescents and families. I..

Holly Nelson at Gateway Psychological Services

I am a Clinical Neuropsychologist (registrar) who is passionate about making a positive difference in..

Excelsis Psychology

Diagnostic assessments for ADHD and psychology-based treatment to children, adolescents and families. At Excelsis Psychology..

Leanne Watson – Counselling Psychologist

Leanne is a highly experienced practitioner with a passion for assisting children, adolescents and adults..

Suite 5, Hollywood Specialist Centre, 95 Monash Avenue

Kyleigh Sinclair – Inkblot Psychology Clinic

Kyleigh provides comprehensive psychological assessments to investigate potential ADHD and other co-occurring disorders such as..

Resilience Kit

Evidence-based strategies to improve your child’s coping skills.

Resilience Kit follows the structure of the evidence-based Cognitive Behaviour Therapy program Exploring Feelings developed by Clinical Psychologist Dr Tony Attwood. The well-structured program was designed to appeal to children in a way they can understand and apply in their everyday life, and has proven very successful in empowering children to manage their emotions.

The ADHD Coach & Consultancy

Sarah Andrews has recently started practicing as an ADHD Coach. Sarah’s previous professional experience began..