Dr Michele Toner - ADHD goes to Work

Dr Michele Toner focuses towards ADHD in a workplace


Research tells us that ADHD causes problems in the workplace for many. Common challenges include frequent distractions, missed deadlines, hyper-focusing on one task to the detriment of other more important work, procrastination with tedious tasks, and mental & physical restlessness.

On the flipside, there are strengths associated with ADHD when it is diagnosed and properly managed. Mental restlessness becomes a lateral-thinking brainstorm of ideas; risk-takers become successful entrepreneurs; day-dreamers become innovators.  Hyper-focus becomes a creative flow.

Michele provides useful strategies aimed at uncovering and honing strengths in the workplace, as well as accommodating challenges – with or without disclosing your diagnosis. 

Dr Michele Toner:

  • Trained as a high school teacher, Michele was awarded a Master of Special Education Degree with Honours in 2001 and won the University of WA prize for Best Research in Special Education.  Entitled “Adults with ADHD; living in chaos and striving for control”.
  • In 2009 she completed her PhD, entitled “University Students Diagnosed with ADHD and their first year at university: a theory of developing empowerment”. This was awarded the Cameron Prize for best research in the education faculty for that year.
  • Michele now works in private practice.