Dr Roger Paterson - ADHD takes Medication

Dr Roger Peterson presents up-to-date information on ADHD medication


  • Stimulant Medications, which stimulate an underactive part of the brain to become more active and organise the rest of the brain activities. If you like, the conductor of the brain orchestra is woken up. 
  • Non-stimulant Medications – “stimulating antidepressants" and clonidine, which is especially useful as a calming agent, mostly taken at night, but occasionally useful during the day for hyperactive patients.
  • Other medications commonly used by ADHD patients for comorbid conditions.

Dr Roger Paterson:

  • Consultant Psychiatrist in full-time private practice. Worked in combined public and private practice from 1989 to 1996, and from 1997 onwards has been exclusively in private practice.
  • The principal author in 1999 of a published study showing that dexamphetamine was useful in the treatment of adult ADHD – a world first.  Has been a member of the WA Stimulants Committee, and continues to advocate for the multimodal treatment of ADHD within the public and private sectors, for all age groups.
  • Member of the ADHD WA Professional Advisory Board for 22 years, and was instrumental in starting AUSPAN (Australian Professional ADHD Network) in 2011.