ADHD WA Media Release

Inquiry into ADHD support services a positive start in streamlining patient care 

ADHD WA has welcomed the recommendations from the Federal Senate’s inquiry into assessment and support services for people with ADHD. 

The Community Affairs References Committee offered a range of recommendations, such as establishing a National Framework for ADHD, wraparound services, expanded prescription rights to GPs, and advocacy group funding. 

ADHD WA CEO Antonella Segre praised the recommendations of the Committee, saying they are a needed starting point for a long-overlooked area. 

“ADHD affects over one million people in Australia, therefore it is vital we see responsible, streamlined assessment and treatment. 

“The report highlights the necessity of funding for advocacy groups which will help localise and bring more options for people and families of those living with ADHD. 

“ADHD WA submitted the results of a survey to the inquiry of over 600 of our members either living with ADHD or who were parents of children with ADHD. 

“Nearly 90% of respondents found access to diagnosis was inadequate and over 80% stated access to paediatricians was inadequate, just to name a few of the statistics,” said Ms Segre. 

“It’s essential we take the next steps with these recommendations and introduce legislation that can both combat the professional shortages we are seeing in the health sector as well as keep up to date with the way we diagnose and treat ADHD in accordance with clinical research,” said Ms Segre. 

ADHD WA will seek to work with the Federal Government on how best to implement these recommendations in the near future.