Neuropsychological Testing

We are pleased to be offering Neuropsychological testing for children, teenagers and adults.

Dr Andrew Sheridan will be working with final year neuropsychology students to offer this service to members of ADHD WA. Dr Sheridan is fully endorsed with AHPRA as a Clinical Psychologist and Neuropsychologist, and the student has Provisional Registration.

The details

The assessment involves meeting with Dr Sheridan and the student for an initial history-taking discussion, then carrying out tests with the student; then the student and Dr Sheridan discuss the results and meet with you a couple of weeks later, and finally, the student and Dr Sheridan write the report.

It can be hard for new clients to know what to expect from a Neuropsychology assessment, so here is some information that may help.

We start with a clinical interview, where we discuss medical history and also ‘thinking skills’ (things you are good at and things you find difficult).

The next part is where we would do some tasks and activities designed to find out about thinking skills in more detail: again some you will find easy and others may gradually get difficult.

There is then a written report, which provides information about your skills and an opinion about what it means for you. Often it is necessary to meet to discuss this report as well so that you have a chance to hear the findings in plain English and ask any questions.

The report will most likely also have some recommendations so that you can improve your skills or adapt.

Find out more

For additional details on fees, timeframes, locations, and more, contact us — just remember you have to be an ADHD WA member to access this service.

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