Professional Advisory Body

Professional Advisory Body is integral to our advocacy activities, now and into the future. It also informs and supports our service delivery options, for children, teenagers and adults living with ADHD. As well as those who treat, teach and work with them.

ADHD WA is committed to:

  • Providing opportunities for members to raise issues of concern and explore possible solutions;
  • Acknowledging the challenges and celebrating the strengths associated with an ADHD diagnosis
  • Developing a range of services to inform, support and advocate for the ADHD community in Western Australia.

Professional Advisory Body meets to provide advice and offer solutions to ADHD WA about its services, initiatives and future plans.  Playing a key role in advising on issues, challenges and opportunities directly impacting the ADHD community.  Professional Advisory Body convenes formally every quarter either in person, by telephone, video conference or by other means of electronic communication.


This body is an integral part of ADHD WA past, present and future. We thank the current and previous members for their ongoing dedication and passion to improve the lives of people living with learning and attentional disorders.


Current ADHD WA Professional Advisory Body members


Shelley Blakers

Sylvia Byers 

Professor Wai Chen 

Derek Cohen

Martin Exell

Professor Stephen Houghton 

Zyron Krupenia

Dr Roger Paterson

Dr Helen Frearson

Dr Andrew Savery

Professor Desiree Silva

Elizabeth Spencer-Fawell 

Dr Michele Toner


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