A Day in the Life of ADHD – Shelley Blakers – ADHD goes to School




‘A Day in the Life of ADHD’ is the conference organised by ADHD WA. It took part on September 17th, 2016. During the conference, the ones affected by ADHD were invited to join ADHD WA Team for a morning of presentations by leaders in all aspects of ADHD treatment.

Learn how to manage the symptoms of ADHD at home, work and school. 

ADHD WA would like to introduce Shelley Blakers

Shelley looks at ADHD and how it can impact on the schooling journey, including how ADHD is often connected to other disorders. Transitioning from home to the more formal school setting can be quite tricky for many kids, especially those with ADHD. As they then move through the different phases of schooling, depends change and these transitions also provide challenges.

Shelley is discussing some of the demands formal learning places on attention resources and how this changes throughout the schooling lifespan. She provides some tips and ideas for supporting the kids in their school journey.

Shelley Blakers:

  • 40+ years’ experience in the Education sector, and currently works for the Department of Education
  • Currently working in the specialist area of speech and language difficulties and disorder in the North Metropolitan and Mid-West Education Regions.
  • Specialist areas include learning difficulties, disabilities and language disorders and has post-graduate qualifications in the area of special education as well as educational computing.