A Day in the Life of ADHD – Zyron Krupenia – ADHD falls in Love




‘A Day in the Life of ADHD’ is the conference organised by ADHD WA. It took part on September 17th, 2016. During the conference, the ones affected by ADHD were invited to join ADHD WA Team for a morning of presentations by leaders in all aspects of ADHD treatment.

Learn how to manage the symptoms of ADHD at home, work and school. 

Introducing Clinical Psychologist Zyron Krupenia

To achieve a satisfying and successful long-term relationship is difficult and challenging at the best of times. When one or both partners has ADHD it is even more so.

The non-ADHD partner will often say such things as, “being in a relationship with someone with ADHD is like having another child. This talk will look at the factors that make relationships work and the challenges and benefits of being in a relationship with someone with ADHD.

We will consider what both partners can do to deal with these challenges, so as to achieve that long and satisfying relationship for which most people strive. We will also consider the role of medication and its impact on relationships.

Zyron Krupenia:

  • Has worked in private practice for the past 30 years.
  • Was a Senior Clinical Psychologist in the WA Health Department for 14 years.
  • Is a member of the following Professional organisations: The Institute for Private Clinical Psychologists, The Australian Psychological Society, The Australian Psychological Society College of Clinical Psychology, and The Australian Clinical Psychology Association.
  • Has been a member of the ADHD WA PAB since its inception.