Conquering Online Uni Challenges





Conquering Online Uni Challenges with Dr Michele Toner, ADHD Coach

COVID-19 has moved university studies from the campus to the couch creating challenges for students with ADHD. Routines have been hard to maintain as days roll along with very little structure. Many students have fallen behind and are struggling to meet assignment deadlines. Final exams are looming and the online/open-book format may present several potential pitfalls.  As we approach the final weeks of semester 1, pressure is mounting, and you may feel overwhelmed.  Now is the time to PAUSE, take stock, and create a realistic plan to see you through the semester.

Join Michele Toner in this week’s ADHD WA CatchUp. Michele’s PhD focused on uni students with ADHD, and she has coached hundreds of students over the past 10 years. She is known for her practical tips which she has refined in the course of her work. Students say she ‘gets’ the ADHD brain. Michele will share valuable strategies and tools in a short presentation. There will be ample time after the presentation to answer all your questions.