Loving and Living with ADHD





Loving and Living with ADHD with June Silny, Writer and ADHD Coach, Miami (USA)

June Silny, AAC; is an ADHD Coach and writer. As a writer, she shares her perspective as someone who has had ADHD, has been married to someone with ADHD, and has family members with ADHD. In 2014, June’s article, “20 Things to Remember If You Love a Person with ADD” went viral with over 3 million shares.  While many identified with the article, others were confronted by its opening line: “It’s a fact, a person with ADHD is hard to love.” Join Michele Toner as she discusses the fame, and the fallout from her article, and her lived experience with ADHD. June is a regular featured contributor to ADDitude Magazine, and you will be familiar with many of her articles.

While writing about her experiences, struggles, and joys of living with ADHD, June also works as an ADHD coach to help clients manage their ADHD lives. Her clients love her compassionate, knowledgeable approach. She will have many useful tips to share. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from her.