Managing ADHD during COVID-19





Managing ADHD during COVID-19 with Dr Roger Paterson

Dr Michele Toner is interviewing Dr Roger Paterson, Psychiatrist, and Chair of our Professional Advisory Body. Social distancing can be particularly challenging for families dealing with ADHD. Treatment regimes may slip as regular activities and routines disappear from our lives. Dr Paterson will discuss the importance of maintaining certain routines and regimes, particularly around medications. He will also update us on Medicare rebates for telehealth services during this period of prolonged isolation. There will be time for some Q&A.  And, as usual, we will take the opportunity to check-in, catch up, and support each other.

Roger is a Consultant Psychiatrist in full-time private practice. He worked in combined public and private practice from 1989 to 1996, and from 1997 onwards has been exclusively in private practice. He was the principal author in 1999 of a published study showing that dexamphetamine was useful in the treatment of adult ADHD – a world 1st. He has been a member of the WA Stimulants Committee and continues to advocate for the multimodal treatment of ADHD within both the public and private sectors, for all age groups. He has been a member of the ADHD WA Professional Advisory Board since its inception in 1994, and been a Board Member of ADHD WA since May 2016. He and Dr Michele Toner started AusPAN (Australian Professional ADHD Network) in 2011, and he became an inaugural Board member of the Australian ADHD Professionals Association in July 2017.