Prof Stephen Houghton - ADHD and Screen Addictions

Virtually Impossible: Should Parents of Children and Adolescents (with ADHD) Limit their Electronic Screen Use?


Children and adolescents with ADHD are more likely to exceed Pediatric recommendations for “safe” electronic screen use because of the difficulties they experience in self-regulation. However, screens and in particular mobile devices, are the centerpiece of all young people’s lives. Whether playing games, social networking or searching for information online for school work, children and adolescents are at risk of negative mental and physical health outcomes.

This presentation examines screen use and screen activities from a 2013-2016 Healthway funded the longitudinal study. Evidence-based guidelines specific to age and gender and screen activities will be presented to avoid negative health outcomes.

Prof Stephen Houghton:

  • Director of the Centre for Child & Adolescent Related Disorders, Graduate School of Education, University of Western Australia.
  • Supervised 135 postgraduate students to successful completion, including PhD, Master of Psychology, Master of Special Education, Master of Education, Bachelor of Psychology (Honours), Bachelor of Education (Honours).
  • Widely published and also reviews articles for international journals. He is a signatory of the International Consensus Statement on ADHD (2000).