Psychometric Testing

We are excited to announce the commencement of the ADHD WA psychometric testing service for young people aged 6-16. Elena Trethowan, psychology registrar, will be available to conduct cognitive and educational and assessments for ADHD WA members from February 2019.

Cognitive (IQ) assessments are used to develop an understanding of a child’s learning capability, including their relative cognitive strengths and weaknesses.

Educational assessments provide information about a child’s academic ability over a range of skill domains, including language, reading, comprehension, written expression and mathematics.

Additional testing may include (where appropriate) the assessment of attention, memory and executive function.

This information, in combination with a comprehensive developmental history (parent interview), can be used to assist in further psychological or medical assessment (such as assessment for ADHD) or in the development of individualised learning or curriculum adjustment plans with your child’s school.

All assessments will include a report of test results for parents which may then be shared with educators or health professionals. 


You can find more detailed information here. Please contact the office for the fees and bookings.

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