Seminars and Workshops

We frequently run seminars and workshops on a range of topics.  Here is some feedback received about our presentations and presenters.

"Factual information I needed to better understand the details surrounding ADHD kids and their parents"

"An understanding that it is not the parent's fault"

"How we as health professionals can have some practical skills to take home with us"

"There was an opportunity to ask questions and update knowledge of the genetic and biological basis of ADHD"

"An increased awareness and insight into the personal costs of ADHD"

"Very relevant and extremely informative"

"I now have an increased understanding - the presentation demystified what previously had been a 'woolly' subject"

"Extremely useful both in content and delivery.  Useful to take back into the workplace especially in my role with clients"

"Ignorance is not bliss - it is important to keep building on existing knowledge and gain personal insight into the realities of living with ADHD"

"Excellent and informative"

"Speakers well prepared and know the area well - felt comfortable asking questions"

"Have a deeper understanding and increased familiarity with signs and symptoms related to ADHD"

"Varied, strong, clinical advice about various aspects of ADHD"

"Practical suggestions for 'how to deal' with children or adults with ADHD.  Not just what it is and how it manifests - but, what to do.  How to support families, siblings, how to be more understanding and cope better on a day to day basis - thank you"


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