Areas of practice
  • ADHD Coaching

I work with adults who want to achieve more but have challenges with completing projects, organising, focusing (too much or too little) and knowing what works best to create a life that fits who they are.

Together in the coaching partnership, we take time to understand who you are and we find ways to create change that brings you closer to a life that fits.

Personality, lifestyle, learning style, neurological diversity, innate strengths, family dynamics and other influences all play a part, so you need a unique approach.

My approach to ADHD coaching and Life Organising coaching is secured firmly in action, awareness of self and surroundings and learning to further your understanding of your uniqueness including your ADHD.

Using an outside the box philosophy, I bring holistic methodologies, creativity, and fun, to design strength-based strategies and solutions.

A Certified Organizer Coach and Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation since 2020. Since 2007 assisting clients who range in a variety of neuro-types as a Professional Organiser and Organising Coach and since 2017 specialising in organising and productivity for ADHD.

I provide online coaching to anywhere in Australasia and in-person coaching in Perth at my consulting room in Brentwood.