Areas of practice
  • Counsellor

Danielle is an allied health professional, a Rehabilitation Counsellor with over 23 years experience in working with children; adolescents and adults. She is a specialised counsellor who has a deep understanding of the impact of disability, health conditions and disadvantage on people’s lives, and the importance that work, education and quality of life play in achieving a sense of inclusion, independence, optimism and self-esteem.

Danielle utilises solution focused therapy and takes a motivational interviewing approach with her clients. She has many years experience working both professionally and personally with neurodivergent clients particularly as it relates to work; education and quality of life. Danielle is also a facilitator for the Tuning in to Kids parenting course which is an evidence-based, emotion-focused group parenting program developed by the University of Melbourne. Danielle is a full member of the Australian Society of Rehabilitation Counsellors and is a Director on their national board.

At Allied Health for Wellness (AH Wellness) we offer ADHD workplace consultation, rehabilitation, neuro-affirming career counselling and support services, working with individuals and employers to enhance work, health and quality of life outcomes. We understanding the nuanced approaches needed to achieve success, we use the combination of our lived experience, education and training to find practical, innovative and effective solutions that see our clients thrive both at, and outside of, work. We have a team of Psychologists and Occupational Therapists who are experienced both professionally and personally in Neurodiversity and celebrate it.

Offering a range of neurodiversity affirming services, we work with key parties to accurately understand their needs, the challenges they are facing and work collaboratively to identify and achieve mutually agreed outcomes. These can include providing tailored psychoeducation to the individual, employer and/or significant others, identifying unique solutions to specific work-related performance, productivity or behavioural challenges and/or positively enhancing quality of life through coaching or counselling services, delivering training or providing tailored organisational consultancy and support services.