Areas of practice
  • Psychology

Adult ADHD is my passion – be it assessing, educating, or therapeutically supporting clients. I enjoy assisting clients to reach their potential as a neurodiverse individual. I am a practitioner with lived experience of ADHD – gaining a diagnosis as an adult. ADHD is not a problem to be solved, it is about learning and harnessing your strengths, enhancing them, and bringing skills, tools, and strategies to the table to assist achieving life goals. I believe we can develop strong relationships, succeed at work, learn to handle emotions, impulses, frustrations and live our best life.

ADHD can come with comorbid conditions of low mood and anxiety amongst others. It can impact relationships, intensify emotions, create challenges with study or work, make you forget your lunch everyday! Enough of the negatives though… Let’s identify your strengths and enhance them, creating better coping!

I work with YOUR goals, not mine. What do you want to work on and what you want to achieve? Let’s collaborate and work together to better understand our ADHD, building a sense of validation, empathy, self-compassion, and optimism.

I hope that my background across 20 years in wellbeing services as a multi-skilled Psychologist in private therapy and consulting, school psychology, EAP, vocational rehabilitation services (personal, workers compensation and other insurance schemes), alongside education & training, gives me an eclectic skill set to assist you.