Areas of practice
  • Counsellor

Mim Kempson is a Registered Counsellor specialising in Sex and Relationship Therapy. She regularly works with individuals and couples where one (or both) partners have ADHD or are neurodiverse. Accredited by the Australian Counselling Association, Mim has a Bachelor of Professional Communication, Master of Narrative Therapy and Community Work, and Graduate Certificate in Sexology.

Running her private practice in South Fremantle, Mim sees clients both online and in person. She works with a diversity of subjects, such as LGBTQ+ relationships, sexual difficulties/pain, gender transitions, libido/desire discrepancies, infidelity, communication challenges, co-parenting, polyamory/enm, separations, dating, celibacy, and more.

With a background in journalism, Mim brings a rich history in storytelling into her practice, often using writing practices as therapy and adapting to what her clients uniquely need. She also has experience working in Health and Fitness, with certificates in exercise performance and nutrition, which she brings as an awareness of wellbeing into her practice with clients.

Mim is also a writer, workshop facilitator, speaker, and podcast host of “What I’ve Learned About Love”. She is regularly interviewed by publications such as the Sydney Morning Herald and Fashion Journal as an expert on relationships and dating culture.