Areas of practice
  • ADHD Coaching

As a professionally trained and experienced ADHD, I provide the tools and understanding to help people living with ADHD to create the life they imagine and achieve a renewed sense of self.

I have worked in the arena of ADHD for over 10 years.

It is my aim is to ensure that people living with ADHD receive the facts on ADHD and are separated from the fiction, enhancing their understanding about ADHD and the impact it can have, not only for the individual living with ADHD, but also for others who may be affected, such as partners, children, friends or work colleagues.

As an ADHD coach I ensure that the client will have a coaching partnership where they can learn and understand their ADHD. I will provide guidance and knowledge, and, using the clients’ strengths and other techniques that they will learn, they will start a journey of self-discovery of what their possibilities can be and action them to become reality.
I coach remotely via Zoom and have clients spanning the length of Australia and internationally. I coach clients aged 13 years onward and throughout adulthood.

Coaches support clients by providing encouragement, feedback and practical suggestions to address specific challenges as well by supporting them and holding them accountable for following through on their goals.

Working together as a team, coaching will enable you to move from procrastination to being productive and separate the chaos to calm.