Areas of practice
  • ADHD Coaching
  • ADHD Consulting

Sarah Andrews has recently started practicing as an ADHD Coach. Sarah’s previous professional experience began in the UK as a primary school teacher, where Sarah had particular focus on working with children with behavioural and/or emotional challenges. Sarah’s reference states in her classroom ‘behaviour problems seem to disappear’. Sarah became a teacher to reach the children falling through the gaps in education, in plain sight.

The understanding of behavioural communication, universal design principles and reverence for relational security is fundamental to Sarah’s coaching practice. Sarah utilises assistive technology so delivers all services via Google.

Between teaching and coaching, Sarah spent several years advocating at local, state and commonwealth level for ADHD with an inclusion focus. Sarah wrote the submission to Stage 2 consultations for the next decade’s National Disability Strategy (NDS) on behalf of the largest Australian parent led advocacy group and co-presented at the WA Education Ministers office alongside other interested stakeholders.

Sarah is passionate about human rights, multi-disciplinary working, and wellbeing. Sarah has an ADHD diagnosis and is the proud wife and mother of a neurodivergent family, who thrive pretty well amongst the chaos!