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InnerWise Education, founded by Vanessa Kay, is dedicated to helping individuals, families, educators, and organisations build the essential knowledge and skills of self-regulation. Our mission is to empower people to achieve emotional fitness, mental well-being, and optimal functioning by understanding and managing their unique brain-body responses to internal and external stress. A term Vanessa coins, becoming InnerWise.

Why is Self-reglulation Important?
Self-regulation is the ability to effectively manage our emotions, thoughts, and behaviours in response to different situations and environments. It is also bringing awareness to our energy & tension states and how that influences behaviour. Self-regulation plays a crucial role in maintaining emotional fitness, mental well-being, and optimal functioning. By learning the skill of self-regulation, individuals can better identify and understand their emotional states and needs, leading to healthier relationships with themself and others and improved overall well-being.

As a Self-regulation Consultant, Vanessa helps to reduce parenting stress by bringing more awareness and understanding to your child’s unique sensorimotor needs, and through the program build their understanding and capacity to not only recognise their own states but the ability to choose the appropriate tool/strategy to support them, in a fun and safe way.

1-1 Self-Reg Support for Caregivers
Self-Reg 9-week program (Children 8+)
Self-Reg Parenting Workshops
Note: Vanessa has worked with children under 8 but the work is predominately with the caregiver.

Building a citical Life skill to support children in all areas of well-being, across the lifespan
Essential for children already diagnosed
Eases parenting stress
Strength-based approach, informed by Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance and Committment Theory, Polyvagal Theory and Neurological, Behavioural and Physiological Sciences.

Master of Counselling
Post Graduate Certificate Early Childhood Studies
Bachelor of Education
Post Graduate Certificate Shanker Self-Reg®.
Circle of Security Parenting (COSP) Facilitation
Alert Program for Self-Regulation and Facilitation
Certificate in Kinesiology
Extensive knowledge of mindfulness practices