ADHD Coaching

ADHD Coaching

What is ADHD Coaching?

  • ADHD coaching is a commitment to living your best life.
  • Sessions are a guided conversation to move from where we are now, to where we want to be.
  • Clients are helped to co-create strategies, systems and solutions.
  • ADHD coaching brings valuable focus to individual strengths, and how to use them for optimum outcomes.
  • Clients can build a toolbox that works for their situation, to reach their desired outcomes and goals.

ADHD WA Coaches:

Swantje Lorrimer

Swantje is a Sydney-based ADHD life coach. Apart from her specific ADHD coach training (ADDCA), she has a strong academic background (BA HONS Philosophy) and is passionate about her ongoing professional development and ADHD advocacy. Swantje was born and raised in Germany and after living in several European countries settled in Australia 20 years ago. She has raised 3 ASD/ ADHD…

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9am – 9.50 am
10am – 10.50am
11am – 11.50am

1pm – 1.50pm
2pm – 2.50pm
3pm – 3.50pm

All times listed are local WA Time (AWST)

Book Coaching with Swantje

  • Swantje offers 1:1 coaching for children aged 9+ and for adults (for children aged under 16 years, please refer to notes below)
  • Appointments with Swantje run online for 50 minutes per session.
  • Costs $132 (includes GST)
  • Cancellation within 3 business days incurs full session cost as a cancellation fee.

Please note – children aged under 16:
For children aged 6-9 years, the coaching is provided solely to the parents/guardian (not to the child)
For children aged 9-16 years, the first session will take place with a parent/guardian and subsequent sessions with the 9-16 year old
Children aged 16+ can attend the first and subsequent sessions solo

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Other ADHD Coaches

For other ADHD Coaches, we invite you to visit our ADHD Professional Directory for a list of ADHD Coaches and other Specialists that have been approved by our  Professional Advisory Body.