Emotional Regulation Group Therapy Program

Individuals with ADHD often struggle with emotional regulation. This includes understanding how to respond to emotional situations, processing highly emotional experiences and managing expectations around past and future emotional events. It is also important to manage frustrations and self-doubt when faced with challenges.

ADHD WA is offering a 6-week group therapy program for adults that focuses on how adults can manage their emotions and use more effective problem solving and communication, to experience less distress and fallout from situations that evoke strong emotions.

Key focus areas for the Emotional Regulation Group Therapy Program:

  • Identify and manage unhelpful thoughts
  • Manage health and wellness to reduce emotional reactivity
  • Develop skills for problem solving difficult situations
  • Learn fundamental relaxation, distraction, and mindfulness strategies
  • Handle intense emotions so as to react less impulsively
  • Communicate your needs to others more effectively

This will be a highly practical group with between-session practice tasks, that we hope will be of great benefit to those who attend.

2024 Program Details

This 6-week program will run twice in 2024:

March – May 2024
Start: Thursday 28 March | End: Thursday 9 May
(No program on ANZAC Day Public Holiday – Thursday 25 April)
Thursdays | 8:15am – 9:45am

September – October 2024
Start: 12 September | End: 17 October
Thursdays | 4:30pm – 6:00pm
BOOK HERE – Places are limited

  • Group Size 6-10 people
  • Held at the ADHD WA Hub in Mount Claremont
  • Open to ADHD WA Members only (learn more about ADHD WA Membership)
  • Medicare rebate with a valid referral under Group Therapy Code 80122 (read more below)
    • Note: you do not need a referral to book or participate.  You can get the referral after booking if you are eligible.
  • Cost:
    $116.67 per session / $700 for the full 6-week program.
    With medicare rebate (if eligible): approx $85.45 per session / $513 for the full program
What is the Medicate rebate and how do I access it?

For participants who are eligible, ADHD WA Group Therapy Programs are offered under Medicare’s Better Access Initiative, namely Group Therapy. To obtain the rebate, participants who are eligible need to provide ADHD WA with specialist referral to the program from their psychiatrist, paediatrician, or a Mental Health Plan and referral from their GP stating the Group Therapy Item Number.

How much is the rebate?
If eligible, the rebate should be a minimum of approx $31 per session attended.
You must supply your referral and Mental Health Care Plan prior to the commencement of the program in order to receive the Medicare Rebate.

A referral must:
1. Include Group Therapy Item Number listed in the course details above
2. Dated before the start date of the program
Note: you do not need a referral to book or participate.

How do I claim the rebate?
For those who have an eligible referral, a receipt per session attended will be emailed to them following attendance at a session. These receipts can be used to claim the Medicare rebate.

Please note that Medicare rebates cannot be claimed for sessions which the member does not attend and it is a Medicare requirement that a minimum of 4 participants attend in order for any participants to get the rebate. We cannot guarantee the rebate due to participant non-attendance should total numbers fall below the minimum requirement of 4.

Private Health Care

If you wish to access your private healthcare cover, please check with your provider if you are entitled to a rebate from your private health insurance policy.

Who facilitates and runs the group therapy programs?

At ADHD WA we have an excellent team of clinicians who run and facilitate group therapy programs.
The team consists of Clinical Neuropsychologists, Clinical Neuropsychologist Registrars and Clinical Psychologists Registrar.
Click here to meet the team 

Do I need a formal ADHD diagnosis to attend a Group Therapy Program?

ADHD WA Group Therapy Programs and services are for people with or without formal ADHD diagnosis.

What Group Therapy Medicare Item Number do I include in my referral?

Acing University – 80122
Boosting Productivity – 80022
Emotional Regulation – 80122
Romantic Relationships – 80022
Mindful Self Compassion – 80122
Getting Better Sleep – 80122
SPARK – 80022

Although it is recommended to put down “80122/80022”

What people have said about the Emotional Regulation Group Program:

This group has given me skills and helped me put them into practice.

– ADHD WA Member who attended the Emotional Regulation Group Program in 2023

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