In-House Training

Tailored training that suits you

Grow the understanding of your employees and volunteers with training in ADHD awareness, information, and practical skills

We work with you directly to design sessions that are tailored to your team. Our seminars, workshops and programs are specifically tailored for the Corporate, Government and NGO sectors. Whether you are seeking to enhance team understanding, client relationships, social awareness or more – we develop a solution that best suits your needs.

ADHD affects around 1 in 20 Australians, so there is a high chance you work in a neurodivergent environment

Your team will gain a better understanding of neurodivergence in the workplace, evidence-based, factual, up-to-date ADHD research, and practical skills for supporting those living and working with ADHD.

Why choose our in-house training?

Evidence-based, factual ADHD information

We use academic research and expertise to debunk myths, and frame a mindset around ADHD (and neurodivergence in general) which is empathetic, destigmatising and strengths-based. All the content is signed off by the Professional Advisory Body

Practical insights

Your team will learn directly applicable knowledge of how ADHD functions in real life, and the unique ways it presents itself for different individuals in different environments, with practical skills that can be implemented straight away

Cost and time effective

All our in-house training is delivered at a time and place that is convenient for you, where our qualified trainers deliver the best of years of research, lived experience and working within the ADHD community

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