Online Parent Support Group

We understand being a parent is tough. When you’re a parent to a child with ADHD, there are additional challenges people in your friendship circles may not understand. This online group is a safe, supportive, and confidential environment for people living with a child diagnosed with ADHD. It’s an opportunity to openly share (if you want to) and connect with other parents who genuinely understand what you’re going through.

Held on the third Wednesday of the month, the Online Parent Support Group runs from 7:30pm to 9:30pm and is a great way to give and gain support from others with similar needs. For many, a support group reduces the feeling of isolation and creates an opportunity for discussion. By sharing ideas and information with others, many people are able to find new ways of coping. Most people who attend feel that the emotional support they both give and receive is of great benefit.

Our Online Parent Support Group is a safe place for people to discuss personal matters and recordings are not permitted. All participants must have their camera and microphone on in order to participate. Please do not be offended if we ask you to turn your camera on and unfortunately you will be asked to leave if you are unable to do so. This is a sign of respect to all participants and the privacy of the group.


*Please note that you have to register for each month separately.

Online Parent Support Group Dates for 2022:
Wednesday 18 May 2022
Wednesday 15 June 2022
Wednesday 20 July 2022
Wednesday 17 August 2022
Wednesday 21 September 2022
Wednesday 19 October 2022
Wednesday 16 November 2022
Wednesday 21 December 2022

As a not for profit membership based organisation, our support groups are for members of ADHD WA. If you are not yet a member and would like to join one of our support groups, you can join now below.


Meet the Group Facilitator

Bahareh Afsharnejad

Bahareh Afsharnejad is a postdoctoral researcher at Curtin University. She has a background in psychology, and her main interests are neurodevelopmental conditions (Autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, and learning difficulties), diagnosis, social skills and social anxiety. She has been involved in multiple research projects at Curtin Autism Research Group and Telethon Kids, collaborating with service providers…

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