ADHD WA is delighted to launch “SPARK“, a collaborative group therapy program developed by ADHD WA to support parents/carers, children and adolescents in their ADHD journey.

The SPARK Program aims to increase understanding, equip parents and carers with supportive strategies and provide primary and secondary school aged children with practical skills to support them to thrive at home, school and in the community.

SPARK has 3 different programs areas split between primary school age and secondary school age groups. The programs each run for 6-weeks and are facilitated by the ADHD WA clinical team consisting of Neuropsychologists and Psychologists.

Who are the different SPARK Programs for?

  • SPARK Your Support: for Parents/Carers to learn skills to support their child
  • SPARK Your Potential: Parent/Carer and child attend together and collaborate together to develop new skills
  • SPARK Your Resilience: Child attends to better understand emotions and friendships

Each SPARK Program runs twice a year for both age groups (primary and secondary).

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