Speakers - Elizabeth Spencer-Fawell

ADHD Goes Food Shopping

Dietitian and Nutritionist Elizabeth Spencer-Fawell is the part of the conference with the topic of ADHD Goes Food Shopping. Elizabeth is going to present food choices for breakfast, from the supermarket, that are sustaining, tasty, nutritious, quick, economical and/or convenient for people living with or caring for those with ADHD. Example of how processing a food increases the added chemical load for ALL children, including those with a diagnosis of ADHD with or without a food chemical intolerance.


Elizabeth Spencer-Fawell

• Worked at the Princess Margaret Hospital for Children and the Community Welfare Department of WA. Been the Clinical, Community & Regional Dietitian for the Hamilton Base Hospital, Victoria.

• Employed as a teacher of health, nutrition and life skills to “at risk” indigenous and other under-educated students, plus mature aged students at the Kalgoorlie College of Curtin University.   Since 1989, Liz has been in private practice.

• Member of the Dietarians Association of Australia since 1980; in 1995, she became an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) and later Accredited Nutritionist (AN).

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