ADHD Coaching for Adults (and older teens in Y11/Y12)

What is ADHD Coaching?

ADHD coaches work with children and parents and adults to set goals, identify their strengths, increase their knowledge of ADHD, develop self-awareness and improve social skills. The coach and client work together to design and implement practical, effective strategies that enable them to manage everyday challenges, which often include time management, organisation and procrastination. Regular sessions provide accountability and support as new skills are learned and new routines are put in place.

Vicki Morris

ADHD Coach (Adults and older adolescents in Y11/Y12)

During a career as a secondary teacher, Vicki trained as an executive coach with the Education Department. Along the way, she also completed degrees in psychology and sexology.

She later worked privately as a life coach before undertaking specialised ADHD coach training. This change in direction came as a result of her experience parenting a child along a rocky road through school and into adulthood and a desire to support others who have been diagnosed with ADHD as adults.

She is a trained wellness coach and a nationally registered personal trainer with an interest in current research around exercise for ADHD.

As a keen aviator, Vicki sees many parallels between flying and ADHD coaching … soaring into the unknown, seeing the ground ahead from a different perspective and glorious wow moments; all with a track to follow and preparation to deal with the unexpected in a planned way.

Unlike therapy, her coaching approach is future focused. By encouraging those living with ADHD to recognise and value their interests, passions and strengths, they are able to develop their own successful pathway forward; one that also acknowledges their unique flavour and experience of ADHD.

Vicki coaches adults and older adolescents who are in school Year 11 or Year 12.

Fees & Availability

  • $120 per 1 hour session
  • Monday and Tuesdays
  • In Person and Online Appointments