Making a difference, together

We couldn’t support the ADHD community without the valuable input of our Staff, Board, Volunteers, and Professional Advisory Body.

Administration Team

Akvile Gvildyte

Administration and Marketing Coordinator

Akvile has her Master of Marketing and Bachelor of Information and Communication from Vilnius University. Akvile joined ADHD WA in January 2016, through the International Student Exchange Program, AIESEC. She has experience in office administration, marketing, sales, and project management.

Outside her work hours, Akvile volunteers with ADHD WA by focusing on our marketing and social media management. She is interested in raising awareness of ADHD, so people touched by ADHD know they are not alone.

Melanie Alexander

Office Administration Coordinator

Melanie originally joined the team in 2018 as an Information Line Volunteer before accepting her current position, and is now dedicated to both roles. She has lived experience of ADHD and advocates the importance of taking a multimodal approach. Furthermore, she is motivated by giving those with ADHD the opportunity to reach their full potential — particularly educationally.

Melanie’s other passion is the arts, and she is currently completing her Masters of Art and Design at Curtin University.

Service Delivery Team

Linda Hearder

Adult & Parent Coach

As well as her professional background, Linda brings lived experience to her field, raising two children with ADHD while navigating a demanding career. She actively challenges ADHD stigmas and promotes a culture of “owning” your ADHD, using your strengths as powerful life and career assets. Passionate about implementing strategic and creative solutions to difficult problems, Linda works with clients to set goals, and helps them find their own unique ways to reach them.

Linda has completed specialist ADHD coaching studies with the ADD Coaching Academy and is working towards accreditation with the International Coaching Federation. She also volunteers on the Board of ADHD WA.

Karen Breeze

Adult & Parent Coach

Karen has a special interest in coaching women and mothers to help them achieve a healthy life of balance. With a strong belief that coaching is an essential part of the puzzle for multimodal ADHD treatment, Karen works alongside clients to help them recognise strengths, discover passions, and implement management strategies. She is driven by the desire to see her clients thrive, be fulfilled, and achieve goals as they identify and overcome roadblocks.

Having ADHD herself, and as mother of a teenager with ADHD, Karen has many years of lived experience. Karen has completed specialist ADHD coaching studies and a basic study in psychology. She is now working towards her Associate Certified Coach credential and her Professional Certified ADHD Coach accreditation. Additionally, she has an interest in health and nutrition and is studying for an Advanced Certification in Human Nutrition. Karen also volunteers on the ADHD WA telephone information line.


Dr Kenneth Whiting

Ken has a long-standing interest in childhood development and learning difficulties and was announced as our third patron at the ADHD WA AGM in 2011. Formerly a Paediatric Consultant at Fremantle Hospital, Ken was the Australian member on the Global Consensus Group, which prepared an international algorithm for the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD. He was also a keynote speaker at the 2nd and 3rd Asian ADHD Conferences.

Ken was involved in researching Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder at the University of Western Australia and has co-authored many published papers on ADHD. He is now semi-retired, but continues practising in rural and remote Australia and still advocates for children and adolescents with ADHD.

Management Board

The Management Board is formed of passionate, proactive, purpose-driven individuals to build harmonious and productive members. Key objectives the Management Board is working on include:

  • Developing and implementing a governance model that supports sustainable growth.
  • Ensuring resource capacity, capabilities, and funding activities support organisation objectives.
  • Developing and delivering sustainable, evidence-based service delivery.
  • Developing and delivering community-minded engagement programs.
  • Advocating on behalf of our community to ensure our community has a voice in the public arena.

Current Management Board members

  • Dr Michele Toner, President
  • Kim Dixon, Secretary
  • Marcia de Almeida, Treasurer
  • Karen Brown
  • Kenneth Chan
  • Linda Hearder
  • Zyron Krupenia
  • Catherine Natale
  • Robyn Nettleton
  • Dr Roger Paterson

Professional Advisory Body

Our Professional Advisory Body is integral to our advocacy activities, and informs and supports our service delivery options. The Body meets to provide advice and offer solutions to ADHD WA about its services, initiatives, and future plans. The Advisory Body is committed to:

  • Providing opportunities for members to raise issues of concern, and exploring possible solutions.
  • Acknowledging challenges and celebrating strengths associated with an ADHD diagnosis.
  • Developing a range of services to inform, support, and advocate for the ADHD community in Western Australia.

Current Professional Advisory Body members

  • Shelley Blakers
  • Sylvia Byers
  • Tanya Coelho
  • Derek Cohen
  • Martin Exell
  • Professor Stephen Houghton
  • Zyron Krupenia
  • Dr Mark Parker
  • Dr Roger Paterson
  • Dr Helen Frearson
  • Dr Murray Chapman
  • Dr Michele Toner