Consumer Experience

"More people need to know about ADHD WA.  You can't underestimate how important it is to feel understood and a sense of belonging, it's like finding your tribe" (Georgia)


What impact has ADHD WA had on you and/or your family

"ADHD WA had a big impact on me.  It saved my life" (Carol)

"Before accessing ADHD WA services I was not hopeful about managing my ADHD.  Now I am optimistic and positive about the future" (Greg)



ADHD WA seeks ongoing feedback from our clients to ensure the consumer experience is a positive one.  ADHD WA utilises the Mental Health Outcomes Framework (Mental Health Commission - WA) as the foundation for measuring an individual's positive outcomes and the efficacy of our services.

Volunteer Experience

ADHD WA was there for me when my 1st child was diagnosed. I wanted to be a volunteer for an organization that had integrity. The support line seemed to be a way of giving out information to help others, navigate their way through the difficulties of living with ADHD, whether they be children or adults. (Robyn)

Helping the hard working people who helped me when I needed it.  (Susan)

Living with ADHD myself and parenting my ADHD son has shown me the challenges and the special gifts of ADHD, that are lifelong. I want society at large to understand ADHD better, to not dismiss it as a childhood problem or an overblown one. ADHD WA has helped us, I want to be a part of helping others through ADHD WA. (Josephine)


Seminars and Workshops

We frequently run seminars and workshops on a range of topics.  Here is some feedback received about our presentations and presenters.

"Factual information I needed to better understand the details surrounding ADHD kids and their parents"

"An understanding that it is not the parent's fault"

"How we as health professionals can have some practical skills to take home with us"

"There was an opportunity to ask questions and update knowledge of the genetic and biological basis of ADHD"

"An increased awareness and insight into the personal costs of ADHD"

"Very relevant and extremely informative"

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