Telethon Kids Institute has commenced an exciting new Autism study and they need your help.

The Institute is seeking pregnant women with a family history of Autism, ADHD or intellectual disability who are interested in helping with the research.

The Baby AICES study is interested in supporting communication between parents and babies from birth.

What is currently known, is that early intervention can play an important part in reducing disability that is associated with autism spectrum disorder (autism). Early intervention typically starts after a child receives a diagnosis, most often between the ages of 2 and 6 years of age.

At present, The Institute does not know whether commencing early intervention before this age, particularly during the first year of life, may also provide developmental benefits to the child. One way to investigate this idea is to study family members of individuals with developmental disorders such as Autism, ADHD or intellectual disability.

Please find the flyer here. For more information or to register your interest, please contact:

Amy Deverell

T: 63191012 M: 0435 123 825