Registered Psychologist Grace da Camara in collaboration with ADHD WA is now offering a free virtual support group for teens (ages 14-17). The delivery of these services will be via Zoom conference every third Thursday (during school term) of the month from 5:00 PM, with the next one happening on Thursday, August 20th.

The new support group is introduced for a couple of reasons, but mainly due to the fact that Grace and ADHD WA recognises the many challenges inherent to this developmental phase, in terms of seeking and accepting individual support.

Teen years are fraught with change, a change that can seem so dramatic that resembles more of a roller coaster than healthy growth and development. Independence is pushed through experimentation. This can be as simple as listening to different kinds of music, experiencing with hair colour and piercings to more challenging behaviours such as substance abuse and defiance.

Relationships and academic performance often suffer during this developmental period and teens may show signs of anxiety and depression. Many parents wonder when to look for help. A general rule is to seek outside help as soon as your teen’s struggles interfere, consistently, with the quality of his/her life.

However, experience has taught me that realising that your teen needs help is often the easiest part of the process. The challenge is to get your teen to buy into the idea that talking to a stranger about their feelings is a good thing. Don’t be disappointed if this is the case. It is common. After all, this is a time when they are learning to spread their wings and assume independence over their lives. Accepting that they need help threatens this very need for freedom.

Many teens find support and help among a group of peers in moderated support groups, where they can air their concerns and frustrations about caregivers in a safe and confidential environment.

ADHD WA Support Groups are for members only. If you would like to attend the support group and are not yet a member, you can become an ADHD WA member here.