How can I help my students to engage more in learning activities

I need some tips on how to adapt my instructions to help students with ADHD who are having difficulties.

Here are a few simple tips to get you started.
Difficulty with...   
Initiating activities • Ensure the student has understood instructions by asking them to repeat it.• List equipment needed for the activity at the student’s work space. 
Planning • Assist the student to make a list of steps needed to get to the goal.• Number the order of steps to be taken. 
Prioritising • Teach problem solving skills by considering pros and cons.• Map goal setting steps in graphic format. 
Persisting • Shorten assignments and work periods; use a timer.• Provide feedback on progress.• Seat the student near a good role model for some of the time. 
Organising • Provide the student with structure for project work and daily routine. 
Doing complex tasks • Set short-term goals in completing assignment.• Use a checklist and chart progress to make it more fun. 
Inhibiting • Ensure class rules are clear and understood.• Praise the student when they follow rules.• Cue the student to note the actions of others. 
Monitoring • List requirements of tasks.• Prompt self-monitoring, e.g., “Let’s look at the instructions again. What do we need to check?” 
Shifting • Provide cues and procedures when changing activities.• Ensure practice and give positive feedback. 
Regulating emotions • Set up a behaviour contract. Support with calming down procedure.• Attend to positive behaviour with praise and avoid criticism.• Prompt helpful self-talk, e.g., “I need to think things through before I act.”• Provide rewards sooner rather than later.
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