How will my childs symptoms improve?


It is important to focus on your childs strengths - first.  Highlight what they are good at and start from there.

Parents play a key role in assisting children to manage ADHD symptoms along with a range of treatments.  Developing parenting skills effective with ADHD children, will be beneficial alongside a range of treatments.  Making fully informed decisions about multi modal treatment options is essential.

There are three basic types of treatment:

  1. Medication. Several medications can help, but are not necessarily recommended as the first or only treatment. The most common types are called stimulants. Medications may assist children to focus, learn, and stay calm.  Sometimes medications cause side effects, such as sleep problems or stomachaches. Your child may need to try a few medications to see which one works best. It's important that you and your doctor watch your child closely while he or she is taking medicine.

  2. Therapy. There are different kinds of therapy. Behavioral therapy can help teach children to manage their behavior and learn coping strategies, so they can do better at school and at home.

  3. Medication and therapy combined. Many children do well with both medication and therapy.

Sleep, nutrition and exercise contribute to the effectiveness of any treatment.

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