Areas of practice
  • Education Consultant

Positive Behaviour Support
​The NDIS Commission’s behaviour support team is responsible for providing clinical leadership in behaviour support and promoting the reduction and elimination of restrictive practices. The goal of behaviour support in the NDIS is to improve quality of life outcomes for people with disability and reduce and eliminate restrictive practices.

Early Intervention Support for Early Childhood
​Early intervention support is available to children who meet the early intervention requirements. The intention of early intervention is to alleviate the impact of a person’s impairment upon their functional capacity by providing support at the earliest possible stage. Early intervention support is also intended to benefit a person by reducing their future needs for supports.

Kasey brings to this position over twenty years’ teaching and supervising experience incorporated with additional studies of a Master of Education, a Post Graduate Certificate in Behavioural Management, a special needs minor and developmental psychology minor; she is dedicated to improving student learning and offering students a supportive and caring environment to create academic achievements. Her strongest attributes are being highly organised, compassionate and motivated.

An expert in Behavioural Management and Special Needs, Kasey has the ability to reinforce positive behaviours within the environment. She can share her knowledge and offer assistance by working in collaboration with colleagues to develop Individual Education and Behavioural Management Programs.

As a highly inspired and results orientated leader within the educative sector, Kasey has acquired a proven track record of providing exemplary levels of dedication throughout a broad range of educational situations. Leadership is the ability to guide a group; it inevitably involves new philosophies and strategies that work. It is never easy to take the lead, as you will need to make decisions and face challenges; with the appropriate background knowledge it becomes natural and very rewarding.