The Role of the GP

A general practitioner (GP) is a doctor who is trained in general practice. They are usually the first person to go to if you have a health issue.

What can your GP do to help?

  • Provide referrals to specialists
  • Monitor physical and mental health
  • Implement Medicare support
  • Screen for other conditions
  • Liaise with schools, specialists and psychologists

How to help your GP help you!

  • Book a longer appointment
  • Ask the receptionist which GP has a special interest in ADHD
  • Increase your GP’s understanding by giving examples of the impact of ADHD in everyday life (for example, at home or school)
  • Try and see your GP regularly, such as every school holidays

Searching for a GP?

You can find a list of GPs in your area by using healthdirect’s Service Finder.