Areas of practice
  • Education Consultant

I offer a range of services to support individuals and organisations requiring support related to diversity, equity and inclusion:

1. Instructional Facilitation for Educators and Organizations:
– Collaborative Planning: I work closely with educators and organizations to develop instructional plans using the fundamentals of Universal Design for Learning to meet the diverse learning needs of students and clients.

– Professional Development: I provide training sessions, workshops and information to equip staff with effective strategies and tools for inclusive teaching, learning and support.

– Learning & Working Environment Support: I offer on-site assistance and coaching to help organisations implement inclusive practices, differentiate instruction, and create engaging learning and working environments.

– Curriculum and/or Policy Adaptation: I support families, educators and organisations with modification and adaption of curriculum materials and/or policies to ensure accessibility and inclusion for all.

– Data Analysis: I support educators and organisations with analysing performance data and organisational processes to provide insights to inform instructional decision-making and improve learning and working outcomes.

2. Special Needs & Inclusive Education Consulting:
– Comprehensive Assessments: I support families, educators and organisations with the development and implementation of thorough assessments to identify students’/client strengths, challenges, and learning needs.

– Individualised Education Plans (IEPs) & Individualised Working Plans (IWPs): I support families, educators and organisations with understanding and development of personalised IEPs and/or IWPs that outline specific goals, accommodations, and support services to ensure success.

– Advocacy and Collaboration: I work collaboratively with schools, families, and professionals to advocate for client and students’ rights and promote inclusive practices.

3. Learning and Behaviour Support:
– Behaviour Intervention: I conduct functional behaviour assessments and assist families, educators and organisations with developing and implementing positive behaviour support processes, and classroom management strategies to address challenging behaviors and promote holistic development.

– Academic Interventions: I assist families, educators and organisations with addressing implementing evidence-based interventions and strategies to support students in acquiring essential academic skills and achieving their learning goals.

4. Independent Mediation & Support Coordination:
– NDIS Plan Assistance:I assist families, educators and organisations with understanding and navigating the NDIS plan, ensuring that the appropriate supports and services are identified and accessed.

– Mediation and Conflict Resolution: I provide impartial mediation and support services to help resolve disputes and conflicts related to special educational services and supports.

– Resource Coordination: I help coordinate and connect families with relevant community resources, services, and professionals to support holistic development.

I am dedicated to promoting inclusive education practices, facilitating collaboration, and empowering educators, organizations, and families to create diverse, equitable, inclusive and supportive learning and working environments.