Advocacy is about all of us working together, to achieve better outcomes for individuals, as well as systemic change.

ADHD WA helps hundreds of individuals and families each year, including those newly diagnosed. As a result, we understand the very real and often complex challenges you face – including stigma.

ADHD is also linked to a range of other coexisting conditions, which sometimes make diagnosis difficult. This is challenging for the individual, whatever their age - due to ongoing medical expenses, minimal classroom/workplace support and a one size fits all approach. 

There is a real need to improve the support, information and advocacy available for those living with neurological diversity, which directly impacts on their ability to learn, strive and thrive.

What We Can Do:

Inform, support and train our members and supporters to become empowered advocates.

  1. Engage with the health, community and education sectors to provide information and advocate for an equal opportunity to learn, strive and thrive.
  2. Provide you with the skills, tools and resources to become informed and empowered self-advocates for you and those you care for or about.
  3. Increase ADHD WA community profile.

What Can You Do:

Faces, voices and stories are the strength of our advocacy work. 

Individually and collectively these have the ability to change minds, bust myths and challenge misconceptions.

  1. Tell Your Story and strengthen our voice, by adding yours - click here to find out more.
  2. Donate - every donation enables us to provide more resources so that together we can achieve better outcomes for everyone living with ADHD.
  3. Like our facebook page and share this initiative with your family and friends use the hashtag #learnstrivethrive
  4. Join our volunteer team.


If you are unsure about what advocacy is and why it is important, this short youtube video (from USA) is a great introduction.

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